A little bit of this and a little bit of that (mostly op’ shop finds, nature finds and a bit of home-made) and you have a playscape ready for the magic ingredient… IMAGINATION! 

Ooooo Treasure!

A mermaid bed!

A pretty shell for collecting.

Another for a pillow in a princess’s bed!

Stories abound, but mostly hidden in the child’s mind as they investigate and play.

How blessed we are to be given the opportunity to create environments that thrill and engage the minds of children.

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  1. Bautiful blog! I am visiting via the Earth Day Linky Party! I adore this playscape! You are so creative!

    • Thank-you! I really appreciate your positive feedback. I must say I do enjoy creating these little playscapes and the children’s engagement with them makes it all that much more worthwhile. 🙂

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