Well how excited was I on my first day home from hospital when I received a lovely parcel in the mail from Maureen Wagner of Strong Start blog.  Maureen lives in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada and she sent me this beautiful assortment of gifts:

Thank you so much Maureen I will enjoy presenting them to the children!

Now this is an idea first hit upon by the gorgeous girls Sherry and Donna from Irresistible Play-Based Ideas and I think it is brilliant!  Such a wonderful way to share aspects of a different culture with our children.

Now it’s my turn to Pay It Forward.

So if you would like to play AND are willing to pay it forward from your own blog, then here is what you do.

Leave a comment on this post stating that you want to play, and I will randomly choose three players.
You can be from anywhere in the world!!
The rules are:
• To the three participants I will send a fun package representing my beautiful home town (city really!) of Melbourne, Australia but you must be willing to Pay it Forward to three more people.
• Comments will remain open until January 1 2012.
• If you are chosen you will need to send me your postal address so that I know where to send your parcel.
• After you receive the package you will need to Pay it Forward in the same manner on your blog.

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Comments on: "PAY IT FORWARD!" (15)

  1. Oh me – me please pick me!! :)This would be soooo fun!

  2. Wow you are one speedy worker Leeanne! 🙂

  3. oooh, yes! I want to play!!! And I love the gifts you got! How exciting! I’m sure your kids sill enjoy seeing things from other cultures. Enjoy these, Karen!

  4. 🙂 🙂

  5. I would love to play, this sounds like so much fun and a great way for my preschool children to see something new!!!

  6. I want to play!! I am Marina from Spain and I am so excited with the only idea of takin part on this!!

  7. ooh yes count me in – though really not sure anyone would want anything from Dungannon!!!

  8. Alicia Weithers said:

    I am from the state of Iowa in the US….I would love to get a box! 🙂

  9. Pick Me!!
    I am from Tropical Far North QLD 🙂

  10. What a fun idea! Pick me! 😉 I live in California, USA (although I was born in British Columbia and I love Maureen’s choices for representing BC!)

  11. Drum roll please! And the winners are, in order of being drawn from my daughters ‘Taco Bills’ mexican hat…

    Ayn Colsh
    Leeanne A
    Kierna Corr

    Congratulations folks, and don’t forget to forward me your addresses so that I can send you your parcel from Melbourne, Australia.

  12. yay – so exciting – what a great start to the year 🙂 Wiill pm you my work address details

  13. I’m still waiting for mine from someone who shall remain nameless to protect their identity. This has sparked me to contact them over it as I ‘won’ back in August or so.

  14. I am so stoked!!! I’m sending you a message pronto. Totally cool! :))

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