Spring Fever!

Mid morning I went for a long walk, on what was a sensational spring day in Melbourne (Australia).  As I ambled along, my mind was pondering upon the many ideas that swim around in my brain regarding possible ‘posts’.  I decided that today, sharing this post was a real must do!  Having lived in Queensland for a few years during my 30’s, where there is essentially only two possible variations in weather, ‘hot and humid’ (great for holidays) and ‘pleasantly warm’, I eventually returned home with a much greater appreciation of Melbourne’s seasons.  I am not really a teacher who develops a ‘thematic’ curriculum, definitely preferring the curriculum to ’emerge’ from the children’s personal interests.  But I do find that most children, through their naturally inquisitive and curious dispositions, never fail to notice and become enthralled by, the changes occurring in the environment as the climate moves through it’s seasonal cycles.

To celebrate the beginning of spring with our children, we provided them with a lovely collection of spring items on a sensory table.  Most of the items shown here, were very cheaply purchased at ‘$2 dollar’ shops, or collected straight from the environment.

I loved the way the children used the natural blocks as little platforms to create decorative statements.  I am not really sure what thoughts lay behind the designs, as I didn’t observe the children engaging in very much narrative as they played.  Occasionally I overheard some humming, singing or what seemed to be, sweet little bug or butterfly-like sounds. I suppose I could have questioned them about their play, but when children are totally immersed in activity, I do feel reluctant to break their thoughts by intruding on their space and time.

And this final photograph is a ‘story’ I found sitting on the back of a book lying on a nearby table.  Precious. Watch out little blue butterfly!

If you would like to visit some more spring time play ideas, feel free to follow this link:  Seasons Come, Seasons Go:  Blossom Pie!

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  1. Really enjoying the weather here in sydney too – just right. If you were looking for an idea re posting Play Ideas has a new simple idea called Word for Wednesday check it out at

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