We love our pirate play!  We have a metal framed boat in our playground…. and when we add a pirate flag (hand painted and attached to our little washing line post) … Voila!  … we have a pirate ship!
Add some props…
Pirate hats…
Some maps (we used scrapbooking pages with an ‘old world’ map of Australia)….
Some sturdy treasure boxes (from ‘Reverse Art’).  We lined them with gold contact and inserted some gold plastic coins from a $2 shop.
Some laminated cardboard compasses with ribbon to swing around neck…
Some laminated “X’s” to mark the spot… and the play begins!!!!
The children buried their treasure over and over again!!  And the excitment level was there everytime they dug it up!
This year we were lucky enough to be able to purchase this beautiful wooden pirate ship for the children… and do they love it!  So many opportunities for the children to learn about sharing and taking turns… and boy is that a tough call at this time of the year!
The pirates, seals and other sea creatures lay in wait for the children’s arrival!
Quick!… Quick… up the ladders!
Raaaaark… raaaaark… Were’s the treasure!
Watch out for the shark!!!
Quick… get in the boat!
Here crab! Eat this grass!
Raaaark… raaaark!  Hide the treasure… hide the treasure!
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