The spider game was a  huge hit with our children.  All it requires is a ball of wool. some masking tape and a spider (preferably not a real one).
The children take turns in carrying the wool to a friend across the circle… and the spider web materialises!
Initially we started off with simple webs.  But as the children got the idea of the game, they wanted to continue building the web into a mass of threads.
When the children were ready, a spider was strategically placed ready to pounce…
And the children had to tip-toe through the web, taking care not to stand on the ‘sticky’ strands.
Cheers were given when friends successfully made it through unscathed!
This game was inspired by the children’s interest in making sticky tape webs and playdough webs.
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  1. Lisa Dixon said:

    Last year my children (4-5 years) took off with a ball of twine around the climbing equipment, making a huge ‘spider’s web’, which then posed a challenge for everyone to move around, It was a real ‘wow’ moment. And I just loved one little girl, calmly and contentedly on a mission to untangle it, seeing her absorption in her task, and imagining her sense of satisfaction at the end!

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